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You’ll Finally Be Able to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

Worldwide. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images

The 102-year-old organization has gone and gotten rid of one of the last barriers for all those people who claimed they had no access to Girl Scout cookies because they “couldn’t find a Girl Scout.” Starting next month, the organization is giving each Girl Scout her own “Digital Cookie” site and a mobile app, and already two different girls have told the Times their revised sales goal is 2,000 boxes.

The site apparently looks “like an elementary school-age Kickstarter campaign,” with the ability to embed guilt-trippy sales-pitch videos. As a security precaution, identifying information and even the URLs themselves won’t be public; you have to know a Scout or her parent and be emailed the invitation to the page.

As a bonus to this brave new world of Savannah Smiles, cookies ship globally, and Scouts can now target and hone pitches via Facebook. All of this progress, however, probably also signals the end of Scouts slinging Thin Mints right outside pot dispensaries, but that’s probably a good thing, especially for the dispensary customers.

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You’ll Finally Be Able to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online