An Avalanche of Morton Salt Just Totaled 11 Acuras

That's not kosher.
That’s not kosher. Photo: Chicago Fire Media/Twitter

A 50-foot brick wall collapsed this afternoon at a Morton Salt processing plant in West Town, Chicago, leading to a deluge of the company’s signature product flowing into the neighboring car dealership. DNAinfo reporter Paul Biasco tweeted that employees “ran when they started seeing bricks fall.” No one was hurt in the incident, but 11 Acuras, it seems, have been irreparably damaged as a result of their sodium intake. Here are some salty photos from the scene.

Building collapse. Elston and Potomac Morton salt pic.twitter.com/p6pmQjU4JI— Chicago Fire Media (@CFDMedia) December 30, 2014

This photo says it all @nbcchicago #MortonSalt pic.twitter.com/T7pgLRgphG— Dan Linden (@DanLinden) December 30, 2014

Maybe they can use that stuff on the roads — Saturday’s forecast calls for snow.


An Avalanche of Morton Salt Just Totaled 11 Acuras