Christmas Eating

Morgenstern’s Unveils New Pies and Holiday Desserts

The brand-new pine-nut pie.
The brand-new pine-nut pie. Photo: Courtesy of Morgenstern’s

Did you miss out on Morgenstern’s spectacular Thanksgiving pies? Were you stuck eating a sad fruit crumble? This Christmas, don’t let the same mistake happen: The ice-cream parlor is once again selling limited-edition baked goods, which are available via preorder through Monday, December 22. The pie list includes apple-cinnamon, salted-caramel-custard, and a pine-nut flavor that’s a riff on the popular El Rey cookie. Plus: There are new holiday breads like date-caramel, parsnip-cinnamon-raisin, and chocolate-gingerbread. All should be paired with a pint of ice cream, of course.

The date-caramel bread.
The date-caramel bread. Photo: Courtesy of Morgenstern’s
Morgenstern’s Christmas Treats