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French Toast Crunch Is Back From the Cereal Graveyard

So '90s.
So ‘90s. Photo: General Mills

Few foods in the known universe have greater power than breakfast cereal. General Mills knows this, of course, which is why they have just put French Toast Crunch back into production. The syrup-flavored, tiny bread-slice-shaped stuff enjoyed a brief but decidedly happy run between 1995 and 2006, when the cereal giant squashed it with its immense, whole-grain-powered thumb.

The comeback probably had more to do with trafficking in a sugary kind of ‘90s nostalgia, à la Coca-Cola’s recent relaunch of Surge, than its pallid Facebook memorial page, or the petition that sought 100,000 signatures and garnered five. Up until today, however, the cult of French Toast Crunch seekers were forced to resort to shady backchannels of eBay, where “Croque Pain Doré” has been known to go for $24.95 a box, plus shipping and a veritable migraine of customs forms. The company says it should be back everywhere by the end of next month, and it is even “back in its original shape from the 1990s.” It probably won’t come with free Hot Wheels this time out.

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French Toast Crunch Is Back From the Cereal Graveyard