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The Chef Who Instagrams Honest Criticisms of His Own Restaurants

Photo: Frank Prisinzano/Instagram

You probably know Frank Prisinzano as the chef and restaurateur behind downtown favorites Sauce, Supper, Frank, and Lil’ Frankie’s. His track record and loyal fan base prove he’s an owner who can afford to be more transparent than most about whatever minor issues his restaurants may have. Even still, it’s a little surprising that he took to Instagram yesterday with the following message:

Honesty. Photo: Instagram

The full comment next to the photo reads:

The @SupperNYC Burger and a honest review. From now on every time I visit one of my own places I will critique my experience for my staff and you…
The Burger was cooked perfect but formed wrong. You see how it’s more meatball than burger? This comes from not flattening the patty properly from the center out which causes the burger to bulge making it difficult to cook and eat. The arugula is being dressed too much and sloppily laid on the plate. The grilled polenta is being overpoured in the sheetpans and is way too thick. The bread for the crostini is not being grilled long enough and the grill itself isn’t being wiped with an oiled cloth after its brushed clean making it more difficult to grill mark the meats. Everything else looked perfect @chefnachosupper text me any questions. Service was spot on @supper156 you rock. #selfcritique #review #checkinguponmychildren #qualitycontrol #fulltransparency #foodchoreographer #foodisessential #foodmatters #alwaysaboss

The notes are refreshing — especially since any faults he’s found seem somewhat minor. It will be interesting to see what happens if Prisinzano finds any more serious issues as this experiment progresses.


The Chef Who Instagrams Honest Criticisms of His Own Restaurants