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Watch a Lamb Chop Get Shot Into Space

The right stuff indeed.
The right stuff indeed. Photo: YouTube

When novelist Nikesh Shukla, who lives in Bristol, England, was tasked with promoting Meatspace, his second book, someone came up with the bright idea of taking the title literally. He and graphic artist Nick Hearne got a sizzling tandoori-cooked chop right off the pass at Tayyabs, an East London Punjabi restaurant where the grilled lamb happens to be a signature dish, then they drove it 119 miles to the Cotswolds, where it was affixed to an enormous helium balloon rigged with GPS and a camera and was launched into the stratosphere.

The whole operation reached 82,000 feet before it all came crashing down, along with the lamb chop. The footage, along with the wreckage, was eventually recovered from the insides of a threshing machine on a bucolic farm in Dorset. Other than the grilled protagonist, we’re told that no livestock was injured in the making of this video.

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Watch a Lamb Chop Get Shot Into Space