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Hong Kong McDonald’s Rolls Out a Superman-Themed Sandwich

B.Y.O. Cape
B.Y.O. Cape Photo: Courtesy of McDonald’s

The Batman-themed burger swooped dramatically into McDonald’s Hong Kong locations a few months back, and now the chain has a Superman sandwich. In the Man of Steel’s tribute meal, you’ll find a Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich, which proudly touts its “slice of processed cheese,” as well as bacon and a double dousing of sauce. Instead of fries, there’s side of potato croquettes. A bright blue Bubblegum McFloat with whip rounds it all out.

Up, up, and away.
Up, up, and away. Photo: McDonald’s

Two boxes bring the Man of Steel to life with either his debonair spit curl or a foldout chest shield:

While Bats and Superman work out their differences through trans-fats and calorie counts, just remember that Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern are also getting their own meals soon, too, in the upcoming months.

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[Hong Kong McDonald’s via Comic Book Movie]

Hong Kong McDonald’s Rolls Out a Superman-Themed Sandwich