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Nickelodeon Turned Anthony Bourdain Into an Actual Cartoon

“Maniacal” Bourdain has a thing for white trousers. Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

In addition to his awesome-sounding street-food market and approximately 400 other projects in the works, Anthony Bourdain is once again taking on cartoon form, this time as “Anthony Gourmand,” an animated version of himself, for the Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig.

The real Bourdain is a “mega fan” of the show and seems pretty excited about playing a “more maniacal” doppelgänger who samples the local delicacies in search of “the ultimate food.” Nickelodeon tells Grub that Gourmand, unfortunately, dismisses them all as “not ultimate” and decides to cook Craig the protagonist instead (Craig is a talking snake).

As far as his feelings are concerned, Bourdain seems pretty stoked, in his appropriately Bourdain-esque way. “It’s a little weird seeing my voice coming out of Anthony Gourmand, but my friends have been telling me that I’ve been a cartoon of myself for years, so really I’m kind of used to this,” he says.


Nickelodeon Turned Anthony Bourdain Into an Actual Cartoon