After Ebola-Related Closing, the Gutter Will Reopen Today

Bowling, anyone?
Bowling, anyone? Photo: Shutterstock

The big news this morning is, of course, Dr. Craig Spencer’s confirmed Ebola diagnosis. After he returned from working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, he spent a few days doing fairly normal activities in the city — only to develop serious symptoms yesterday. One of those activities was heading to the Gutter, the bar and bowling alley in Williamsburg. Now, as you might guess, the Gutter has quickly shut down, canceling last night’s showcase for Goodnight Records.

But “Williamsburg bowling alley” is pretty much synonymous with nearby Brooklyn Bowl — which has confirmed that it’s safe and totally in the clear.

Things are looking up for the Gutter, though: This morning, the venue posted an update on its Facebook page that the New York Health Department is working to clean and sanitize the venue, and that it expects to reopen sometime today:

We voluntarily decided to close The Gutter yesterday evening as a precautionary measure while we gathered more information. We are working with the NYC Health Department to have the bar cleaned and sanitized under their supervision and expect to be open sometime today after that is completed. Doctors advising the Health Department have told us that our staff and customers were at no risk.

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After Ebola-Related Closing, the Gutter Will Reopen Today