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England Can’t Stop Putting Penises on Its Food

Photo: andyburdens/Reddit

In a bit of not-so-subliminal advertising, there’s recently been a rash of overtly genitalia-ish images appearing on British foodstuffs. Some of it is right there on the packaging — take these liters of Tesco-branded buttermilk, for example:

At least they're shelf-stable.
At least they’re shelf-stable. Photo: andyburdens/Reddit

Please change the design on Heston’s prawn COCKtail, @waitrose. Please?— @ElliottClarkson (@ElliottClarkson) June 3, 2014

In Wales, even food-truck logos have been implicated:

Oh, no.
Oh, no. Photo: Dirty Bird/Twitter

Bit of a cock-up… These Peppa Pig biscuits are probably not suitable for children.— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) October 28, 2014

Makes the days when everyone said the new Airbnb logo looks like a vagina seem downright quaint.

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England Can’t Stop Putting Penises on Its Food