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Genius Barista Concocts Marijuana Coffee

This is what happens when Bulletproof coffee and stoner cultures collide.
This is what happens when Bulletproof coffee and stoner cultures collide. Photo: Alexander Jensen/Shutterstock

One way to make coffee enthusiasts not wince at the thought of the butter-and-oil-infused blasphemy known as Bulletproof coffee? Make Bulletproof with bud butter and invite a bunch of stoners, like Trichome, a “cannabis lifestyle shop,” is now doing in Seattle. Sprudge has a first-person pseudonymous report from such a place where “coffee and weed dreams come true,” a world where one singular substance confers “all the benefits of having just smoked some weed while still feeling awake and focused.”

The barista starts with pour-over, of course, a Kenyan from Washington-based Batdorf & Bronson, then adds butter, oil, pot, and the whir of an electric stirrer. For now, the shop is only holding one of these tastings per month to test the waters, but seeing the love people have for the two, it’s really unlikely this is going to flop.

So, what’s it like to drink a weed-infused brew? Sprudge says that, even though you were “feeling it” 20 minutes in, the actual flavor of cannabis was absent. In fact, the entire experience wasn’t unlike normal “bulletproofing,” which, frankly, also explains the absence of “any delicate Kenyan coffee flavors.” If it exists, coffee can probably be mixed with it, or multiple variation on “it,” meaning if we hurry while it’s still iced-coffee weather, somebody could maybe find a way to get even more caffeine and THC into whiskey cold brew. None of this, suffice to say, is coming to Starbucks anytime soon.

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Genius Barista Concocts Marijuana Coffee