Fireball Reassures World That Their Product Isn’t Actually Cinnamon-Flavored Poison

Photo: Fireball Whiskey/Facebook

The dour people of Finland, Norway, and Sweden have sent back a bunch of Fireball, the reason being they got the wrong batch, the one made for America that contains too much propylene glycol. It’s a chemical Europe generally frowns upon because it’s in antifreeze and has other industrial uses; it gives Fireball body and acts as a sweetener. The Sazerac-owned company naturally doesn’t want people to think it’s getting folks hooked on antifreeze, so it sent out a press release to “dispel internet rumors” that urges fans to “continue to enjoy their favorite product as they always have.” Which, of course, means yelling about shots and chugging bottles.

The company says their shipping error is basically a guilt-by-association Food Babe–type situation, and that “Most people consume PG every day in soft drinks, sweeteners, some foods or alcoholic beverages.” The FDA says, they point out, that it’s “generally recognized as safe” in amounts up to 50 grams per kilogram, about eight times what Fireball contains. The product, therefore, “is perfectly safe to drink.”

Also, how could this stuff possibly be bad for you when it’s so fun to drink?

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Fireball Reassures World That Their Product Isn’t Actually