Café Angelique’s West Village Shop Closes, Neighboring Café Immediately Tries to Capitalize

RIP. Photo: Mark Abramson

The ten-year-old restaurant — prized in the neighborhood for its no-fuss coffee, Belgian waffles, and truly excellent chicken-curry sandwich (and recent location for a Taylor Swift commercial) — has closed its original location on Grove and Bleecker. It seems, once again, a rent spike is blame: this time said to be a dramatic increase from $16,000 to $42,000 a month.

This is the latest in a string of independently owned, cherished establishments to close on Bleecker Street: August shuttered in June (and will reopen on the Upper East Side). Starbucks opened in the old Bleecker Street Records space. Manatus closed in April. And Bleecker Bob’s will become a sushi restaurant.

Alas, neighboring café Doma Na Rohu didn’t waste any time trying to capitalize on Café Angelique’s closing — it posted the following message on Facebook:

Are you really sad that CAFE ANGELIQUE ON BLEECKER closed? Do not be sad! A roomier and potentially more charming space awaits you just a couple blocks down. Our staff is usually less surly. AND — anyone who mentions that they are visiting us because Cafe Angelique closed will get 50% off his/her first coffee or tea at Doma na rohu!

Too soon, Doma. Too soon.

Fortunately, Café Angelique’s other location on Bleecker, near Lafayette, remains open.

Café Angelique’s West Village Shop Closes, Neighboring Café Immediately