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Starbucks Is Testing a Dainty ‘Mini’ Frappuccino

We're going to hold out for the two-ounce size.
We’re going to hold out for the two-ounce size. Photo: Starbucks Melody

Perhaps in an effort to discourage all those 60-shot leviathan Fraps, Starbucks is shifting its focus to the cuter-size end of the drinks spectrum by testing out very tiny Frappuccinos. Starbucks Melody reports the “mini” Frap is ten ounces in size, which may perplex some, as that makes it merely two less than the chain’s “tall” size.

Presently, this drink’s roll-out is limited to Houston and Denver, where participating stores have gone all out with explanatory booklets describing the flavor variations. The promo material, meanwhile, says “it” prefers “not to be called ‘Short,’” which is eight ounces, anyway, so it sounds like Starbucks is still brainstorming a cleverer name for this particular size. Starbucks Melody’s list of possible reasons why the chain might be opting for the smaller format includes lower price points and the notion that it “appeals to customers who want a smaller size for children,” the latter of which sounds about right. If this goes wide, it’ll certainly be like the great babyccino craze of 2012 all over again.

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Starbucks Is Testing a Dainty ‘Mini’ Frappuccino