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McDonald’s Wants to Trademark ‘McBrunch’

Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. Photo: Alpha/flickr

Maybe you’ve heard that fast-food-burger sales are dismal these days, beneath the Golden Arches in particular, and since employees can’t very well fold McMuffins in half to make something brand new, the chain clearly needs some ingenuity to wend its way back into the wallets of customers. One clutch idea apparently under consideration over at McDonald’s Oak Brook, Illinois, headquarters is a spin on brunch.

The Burger Business reports that the chain has applied for a “McBrunch” trademark, which doesn’t automatically mean that the days (and late mornings) of McMimosas are a sure thing, but some stores are toying with longer breakfast hours already, so there’s that. The company denies the move means anything at all, reminding us it “routinely file[s] intent-to-use trademark applications as a regular course of business,” but everyone knows that a game-changer is long overdue, and it’s high time for bagels and McLox, and maybe some McHuevos Rancheros, too. Breakfast is the only fast-food meal with growing sales figures, anyway. Maybe there will even be a buffet?

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McDonald’s Wants to Trademark ‘McBrunch’