NFL Player Left 20-Cent Tip at Philly Burger Restaurant

This meal wasn't craaazy enough for McCoy.
This meal wasn’t craaazy enough for McCoy. Photo: PYT/Facebook

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, known on Twitter as @CutonDime25, apparently had a gonzo burger yesterday with some friends and left his server not one 10-cent piece but two. The establishment, PYT in downtown Philly, understandably took insult at a percentage that works out to around 0.03 on a $61.56 bill. Less understandable, it then Facebook-shamed him by posting a pic of the receipt on its official page, versus the way these things usually get out — via the hacked-off server, who’s often terminated as a result.

There’s an unofficial NFL precedent for leaving lousy tips, but publicizing McCoy’s has backfired somewhat onerously for PYT, mostly because it seems to have a reputaion for less than stellar service. The post has attracted hundreds of snarky comments like “is there a minimum we should tip to avoid you posting receipts online?” with many citing PYT’s history of one-star Yelp reviews. And not even poor Rob, the server, wins with this one: Fellow Eagle and lousy-tip funny guy Evan Mathis jumped into the comments and got 696 likes for his “So … Don’t sit in Rob’s section?”

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NFL Player Left 20-Cent Tip at Philly Burger Restaurant