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All Signs Point to a Williamsburg Outpost of Frankie’s Spuntino

These guys are planning ... something.
These guys are planning … something. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli are apparently eyeing North Brooklyn for their next restaurant project. A listing for “Frankies 57 South 6th Street Spuntino” appears on this month’s CB1 Brooklyn agenda, corresponding to a squat, one-story building that was most recently a garage. Neither restaurateur replied to emails and there’s nothing on file yet with the State Liquor Authority, but the the applicants are seeking a full liquor license, and in the meantime it would seem as if a new Spuntino may soon join the ranks of Frankies 457 and Frankies 570.

In addition to their ongoing Vice show, the Brooklyn-based pair have — together and on their own — seemingly had a pretty wild few weeks. They presented at René Redzepi’s food conference in Copenhagen; foraged for wild mushrooms in the Black Forest; and if their social media accounts are any indication, they’ve have had more fun and escapades than several NYC Zip codes’ worth of their industry peers. Last week, Eater reported on Lucky Peach editor Chris Ying’s presentation at the MAD Symposium, in which he discussed studying emissions at Castonovo and Falcinelli’s Prime Meats and at Noma. The resulting data have already helped René Redzepi reduce his emissions in Copenhagen by 30 percent, Ying said, and findings will also be used in planning the Franks’ new place, he said.

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All Signs Point to a Williamsburg Outpost of Frankie’s Spuntino