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Japan Now Has Pitch-Black Hot Dogs, Too

All black everything, then?
All black everything, then? Photo: Tokyo DisneySea

All-black cheeseburgers don’t even sound good in theory, and they definitely don’t seem to translate to anything even remotely edible-looking, but that didn’t stop Japan’s Burger Kings from rolling them out. And now there’s a black hot dog to match. Officially, what you see is “the ‘black’ version of the Gyoza Sausage Bun” at Disney World’s Tokyo DisneySea Yucatan Base Camp Grill, a Halloween special that might be delicious for all we know. But it mostly looks like what would happen if Tim Burton and Ed Hardy co-hosted a cookout.

The black sausage doesn’t actually seem nearly as bad as Burger King’s questionable offerings, mostly because at least the hot dog’s bun is a normal color. And, as our colleagues over at Science of Us helpfully explained recently, there are cultural reasons why Americans find all-black food much less delicious-looking than Japanese people do. So it’s probably just a matter of time before Dominique Ansel introduces all-black Cronuts at his upcoming Japanese bakery.

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[Tokyo DisneySea via UPI]

Japan Now Has Pitch-Black Hot Dogs, Too