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This Restaurant Gives a Gun Discount to Customers Who Prove They’re Armed

It's family night!
It’s family night! Photo: Shutterstock

Gun-loving and food-establishment-owning Louisiana resident Kevin Cox is running a special deal at his place, Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats of Port Allen, which rewards his like-minded customers: If you pack heat in addition to eating it, he says, you’ll get a 10 percent discount on all your sausage, stuffed hamburger, and po’ boy needs. “I just need to see a weapon. I need you to be carrying a gun,” he says.

Cox explains that the two-week-old policy is a reaction to “hearing so much about people banning guns.” He espouses a theory that chain restaurants, such as Chipotle and Sonic, do not: If all patrons are packing, Cox says, explaining his country-fried version of deterrence theory, no one gets hurt. “As long as everybody has a gun we’re all the same size,” he says.

Now an average of 15 to 20 people demonstrate that they’re carrying a weapon each day at Bergeron’s, and while it’s unclear whether the restaurant had issues with robberies before all this, there have not been any since. Hard-hitting statistical data aside, it may be too soon to call all this proof of concept, but as you may have guessed, Cox’s loyal customers are pleased. “If somebody walked in here with a gun and wanted to hurt us. We’re not defenseless,” a customer tells the local NBC affiliate, explaining that she brought her Smith and Wesson with her to lunch.


This Restaurant Gives a Gun Discount to Customers Who Prove They’re Armed