It's August

Starbucks Is Ready to Start Serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes Again

Bundle up out there, people.
Bundle up out there, people. Photo: Aarol Parks/Twitter

Yes, it’s August, which means the domestic merchandising calendar is now dialed in to Halloween and beyond, and we guess it’s also time for Starbucks stores to start getting their first Pumpkin Spice Syrup shipments. While the coffee chain’s PSL Twitter account (yes, it has one) is still in vacation mode with its photo of happy dolphins and a venti cup relaxing in orange shades, all indications are that the fall coffee drink will return August 25, while it’s still hot and sunny outside. Some stores are apparently already pouring them, hot and iced; others yet are just stockpiling their arsenals of naturally and artificially flavored supplies. Straight ahead, more signs that the chain’s only drink to come with its own problematic racial baggage is not only on its way back, it’s already here.

For all my basic white girls… Just got our order and Pumpkin spice latte is coming soon 👌😂— Jessica Lyn (@your_gorjess) August 12, 2014

First #PSL courtesy of @mattcurry2— Carol Janelle ⚓️ (@Carol__Petite) August 13, 2014


@GameOverGreggy The PSL’s arrival is imminent! BEYOND!— Dean Marchese (@thebeast_nj) August 13, 2014

The advantage to having a friend who works at Starbucks: Pumpkin Spice Latte a month early!— Brett Wright (@SpellSlinger11) August 13, 2014

Attention white girls: Pumpkin Spice lattes are coming soon 😂 #selfiesatwork #psl #pumkinspice— Tyler Brodie (@TylerBrodie9) August 13, 2014

And even Starbucks-branded food-service companies are getting their shipments:

Starbucks Branded Solutions Signature Espresso Fall shipments are arriving! #chkd #Sodexo— Tom Woods (@TomWoods9) August 13, 2014

Starbucks Is Ready to Start Serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes Again