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Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent Green

“May contain people.” Photo: id-iom/flickr

Not to be outdone by Rob Rhinehart’s supra-nutritional slurry, someone’s just gone ahead and flooded the market with its science-fiction namesake to see if there are any takers. Just as its actual shelf placement suggests, it seems that Soylent Green falls somewhere between canned corned beef and mackerel fillets packed in tomato sauce, popularity-wise.

It’s an elaborate joke, of course, carried out by the same gonzo artist duo in the U.K. behind a certain mischievous wine-label-swapping incident, who tried to interest customers in a Soave with “agile clam flavours” and “a suspicion of red kryptonite.” They list Soylent’s ingredients on the can’s label: a medley of grains, oils, and vitamins, plus “longpig,” a term favored by cannibals who served mystery meat to unsuspecting foreigners. Their question seems to be: Will anybody read the labels? Will anyone spring for Soylent Green? Those dozen or so demented wine-description labels gathered dust on Sainsbury’s and Tesco shelves for months, after all, so this prank may have an extra-long shelf life.

Soylent Green - now available! [Flickr]
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Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent Green