Bloody Hell

This Colossal Bloody Mary’s Whole-Chicken ‘Garnish’ Needs to Be the End of This Nonsense

It practically sells itself.
It practically sells itself. Photo: TeamSobelman/Twitter

Very large and outlandish Bloody Marys aren’t new at all, but the chicken-fried, nose-to-tail approach is certainly a new twist. This $50 version at Sobelman’s in Milwaukee not only includes an entire fried chicken and 80-plus ounces of drink, but also ample celery spears, some random pieces of shrimp cocktail, and “Baconadoes,” which is what the kids are calling bacon-wrapped-jalapeño-cheese-balls these days. Perhaps because we live in carb-adverse times, there are no biscuits. Sobelman’s does give $5 for each one sold to a local anti-hunger charity, though, so that’s pretty great. [Fox6]

This Colossal Bloody Mary’s Whole-Chicken ‘Garnish’ Needs to