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Community Board Says Pranna’s Bottomless Brunch Has to Go

“What?! Sothing to nee here!”

Flatiron venue Pranna has been put on a three-month probation after videos were published online depicting apparently smashed weekend customers stumbling out into the street during the day. Ultra-boozy brunch has always toed a legally dubious line, and after YouTube user ProblematicPranna — the same person who discovered “My father owns half of fucking Manhattan” Gerry — followed up with a two-part, 15-minute montage of sloshed clientele leaving Pranna in the mid-afternoon, CB5 Manhattan took it as a sign.

Pranna has had serious public-image issues before, and neighbors’ reports of random dudes stumbling around with unbuttoned pants or “crying in the middle of the street without shoes” have hit a boiling point. Instead of the liquor-license renewal it was seeking, Pranna has now been slapped with a probationary period, during which time it will not be allowed to play loud music. Owner Rajiv Sharma apparently wasn’t happy with the decision. “We are going to be affected,” he told NBC, insisting the kibosh on unlimited mimosas is essentially the world’s loss. “We will not be one of the top brunch spots of New York City, and the general public is going to be upset. They loved Pranna.”

New York City Restaurant Put on Probation for Bottomless Brunches [NBC New York]
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Community Board Says Pranna’s Bottomless Brunch Has to Go