Scotland Finally Has Haggis-and-Whisky Flavored Chips

All things Scottish.
All things Scottish. Photo: Mackies Crisps

This summer, Lay’s put it to the potato-chip-eating public to invent some innovative new flavors, and the best we could come up with were Cappuccino, Mango Salsa, and Cheddar-Bacon Mac & Cheese. Basically pitiful. In a feat of possible one-upsmanship, five-year-old company Mackie’s has just released two very Scottish flavors: Scotch Whisky & Haggis, which sounds really scary, except for the whole whisky part; and Venison & Cranberry, which sounds really Paleo Diet–esque, except for the whole potato-chip part.

According to The Spirits Business, Mackie “hopes the new flavour will do well in its current export markets, including Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East due to the global popularity of Scotch whisky.” These, however, are all places where the traditional dish of lamb lung and heart-stuffed sheep’s stomach has never caught on, you know, for whatever reason. The company’s existing haggis (and black pepper) chips seem to be vegetarian, so the “spice” part likely refers to just that — a mix of spices. We’ll find out for sure, though, when the chips are exported to the U.S. and haggis spice inevitably dethrones pumpkin spice as the “it” seasoning.

Mackie’s at Taypack launches whisky-flavoured crisps [BBC]
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Scotland Finally Has Haggis-and-Whisky Flavored Chips