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Massive Electronic Dance Music and Sriracha Festival Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

Uhn-tiss-uhn-tiss-uhn-tiss-uhn-tiss-uhn-tiss-uhn-tiss—bloom-bloom-bloom-blurp—grrrrrrup. Photo: Shutterstock

Ravers, EDM lovers, cheap eats proponents, hardstyle fanatics, and hot-sauce heads will no doubt be compelled to check out what’s likely the first-ever Electronic Sriracha Festival, which takes place August 30 at St. James Park in San Jose, California. The rooster sauce rave will be “2 city blocks, 3 stages of electronic music, 4 bars, and 120 sriracha-infused dishes,” its website says, with a staggering 24 live sets and a menu of $6 drinks and food. The pairing makes sense because the capsaicin in the sriracha peppers causes an endorphin rush, the same as all those great beats, or something like that. The EDM-fueled sriracha fest may turn out to be an absolute triumph of event planning, of course, but right now it’s almost as if someone took a look at how the Irwindale city council declared David Tran’s sriracha sauce-filled factory a public nuisance, leaned back, and thought, Wow, we could do so much better than that. [Official site via First We Feast, Related]

Massive Electronic Dance Music and Sriracha Festival Sounds Absolutely