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A Guy Got a Gordon Ramsay Butt Tattoo With ‘Ramsay’ Misspelled

Dude. Photo: Andy Minchin/Twitter

Oops: Notice anything strange about this tattoo, which popped up on Twitter this morning? Gordon Ramsay, who retweeted it, did. The recipient, or possibly the tattoo artist, made the same mistake that food writers learn to avoid early in their careers: It’s Ramsay, not Ramsey.

So, is this real, or just a fake designed to get Ramsay’s attention? This being the internet, chances are good it’s the latter. Yet clicking through to the Twitter bio that sent out the shot — and don’t actually do that unless you like dick pics — shows a strange fascination with butt tattoos honoring British celebrities, so maybe this is just sort of the account holder’s thing.

Even still, this “Ramsey” tattoo got 11 of the 12 letters correct, or 92 percent of the full name. That’s markedly better than Ramsay’s 60 percent success rate on Kitchen Nightmares.

[Gordon Ramsay/Twitter]
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A Guy Got a Gordon Ramsay Butt Tattoo With ‘Ramsay’ Misspelled