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Here’s Nathan for You’s ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Episode in All Its Glory

The comedian Nathan Fielder is always trying to help the little guy — he once even came to a struggling liquor store owner’s aid by providing a loophole that would allow him to sell alcohol to minors — and now here’s the Dumb Starbucks episode everybody’s been waiting for, which started as an attempt to help a small business owner get off the ground by pretty much wearing out the legal definition of “fair use” and parody. The behind-the-scenes stuff that went down in L.A. around the time of the Dumb Starbucks media frenzy is basically one ridiculous moment stacked on to something absurd, and so on. Watch Dumb Blonde Roast take on a life of its own, straight ahead.

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Here’s Nathan for You’s ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Episode