Truffle Beer

$120 Truffle Beer Headed to NYC Restaurants

Made with Australian truffles.
Made with Australian truffles. Photo: Nicole Iizuka / POPSUGAR

Black truffles, which go for $3,000 per pound, have been deployed in a new brew that comes in a $120, 22-ounce serving size ideal for the one-percenter in your life. The Perigord-truffle-infused pilsner is the brainchild of Jared Rouben, late of Goose Island and now at the helm of Chicago’s “culinary brewing” concept Moody Tongue. It debuted briefly at Per Se last month with a truffle pudding and bitter chocolate pairing, and is made from German hops, Pilsen malt, and some prime Australian-reared tuber melanosporum hand-shaved by Rouben himself during some intense-sounding “all-nighters.” (“Imagine separating egg yolks from egg whites by the hundreds,” he says, explaining his carpal-tunnel-risking culinary high-wire act.)

Moody Tongue cranked out its first brews only a month ago, including a Belgian ale cold-pressed with pawpaw and a coriander wheat beer “with the aromatics of Fruit Loops [sic].” For now, there are only 40 barrels of truffle beer, and Rouben isn’t saying who’s getting it, though based on restaurants he’s partnering with in ChicagoLongman & Eagle, the Publican — it’s a fair bet that a lot of Michelin stars will be involved.

The $120 Bottle of Truffle-Infused Beer Coming to NYC [NYP]

$120 Truffle Beer Headed to NYC Restaurants