Careless Johnny Rockets Employee Disses the Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin Photo: Scott Legato/WireImage

Aretha Franklin, along with her entourage, was riding on the freeway that presumably goes by the Ontario side of Niagara Falls, when she asked the tour bus to pull over so she could get a Cherry Coke and a cheeseburger from Johnny Rockets. Apparently this is something the 72-year-old Queen of Soul does often, which is why she says she was all the more insulted when told she couldn’t sit at a table to enjoy her meal because she hadn’t been rung up as a dine-in customer, and was rudely instructed to wait “in the perimeter.”

Instead, Franklin said she told the employee — who has since been censured — “You should eat it yourself and you pay for it.” After leaving the premises and doing interviews about the encounter, Franklin provided a statement explaining that her recent experience won’t impede her “enjoyment of burgers and Cherry Cokes, and talking to the classy and friendly people at Johnny Rockets,” as well as the dancing servers. Basically, it’s better plug for Johnny Rockets than the chain could ever commission for itself. They should probably expect a bump in Cherry Coke sales.

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Careless Johnny Rockets Employee Disses the Queen of Soul