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Chef Takes to Twitter to Curse Out ‘Self-Serving’ Critic

This tweet gets zero stars.
This tweet gets zero stars. Photo: John Tesar/Twitter

Perhaps in an attempt to channel Jon Favreau’s spurned-chef character from Chef, Dallas chef John Tesar lashed out on Twitter this morning in response to a not-so-bad three-star review for his restaurant Knife filed by Morning News critic Leslie Brenner. “@lesbren fuck you ! Your reviews are misleading poorly written,self serving and you have destroyed the star system and you really suck,” he wrote, in response to Brenner’s opinion that “the kitchen too often drops the ball” and gripes about “overfried” Benton’s bacon and “overdressed” salad. Then he favorited his own tweet.

Of course, Tesar is the same chef who previously lamented to Josh Ozersky that he was unable to get any kind of “honest, objective opinion” from food writers. Honest opinions don’t seem to be a problem for the chef:

Tweet [John Tesar/Twitter via Eater]

Chef Takes to Twitter to Curse Out ‘Self-Serving’ Critic