The GWARbar Didn’t Meet Its Fund-raising Goal, But It’s Metal Enough to Open Anyway

Table for ... two?
Table for … two? Photo: J. Dennis Thomas/Corbis

The Washington Post “Style” section takes a nice long look at how GWARbar, the shock rockers’ “intergalactic” “gourmet junk food” pub in Richmond, Virginia, which first came to light a few months back, to see how things are coming along. First, the bad news: The project fell short of its $50,000 crowd-sourced fund-raising goal, raising only $22,000. But the good news is that GWAR simply does not care about earthly things like “fundraising,” so the project is still a go, at least in a “bare-bones” fashion. The 50-patron bar, forged from glass, steel, and stone, “will be like entering GWAR’s Antarctic stronghold.”

GWARbar’s actual future home, shot back in June (the guy in the black is the band’s guitarist, Michael Derks, sans costume).Photo: Timothy C. Wright/Getty Images

Pub fare will be limited to burgers, hot dogs, smoked GWAR-B-Q “meat sandwiches,” one-offs on Twinkies and Ho-Hos, and, most frightening, duck-chicken nuggets. “I’m making foodie food for people who aren’t foodies,” says the band’s guitarist and project leader, Michael “Balsac the Jaws of Death” Derks

Diners expecting bodily fluids and decapitations will perhaps be disappointed to learn that there will be none, because, Derks says, the owners didn’t want “to alienate people.” But there will be Cigar City GWAR Killsner and tour memorabilia, along with GWAR-B-Q. “I’ve already purchased a GWAR food cart,” Derks says. “So, if we have to, we can serve barbecue sandwiches in our parking lot.”


The GWARbar Didn’t Meet Its Fund-raising Goal, But It’s Metal Enough