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Dublin Pub Won’t Sell Guinness Because It Says It’s Too Expensive

Stout, stout, let it all out.
Stout, stout, let it all out. Photo: Getty Images

British chain JD Wetherspoon, which operates a total of 900 pubs throughout the U.K., won’t have Guinness on tap (or in cans or bottles) when its Three Tun Tavern opens next week in Dublin. “We are not naive,” a spokesperson says, explaining that parent company Diageo must think it’s in possession of black gold because in order for it to appear on menus, the price point for Guinness pints would have to be set “too high.” Wetherspoon reps also tell the Irish Times that they’re not going to stock any of the liquor behemoth’s other brands, like Smirnoff, Bushmills, and Baileys Irish cream.

Guinness accounts for one of every three pints sold in Ireland, of course, but the chain says it’ll supplement that with plenty of Murphy’s and Beamish, which happen to be two Irish-by-way-of-Dutch-brewer-Heineken dry stouts. Wetherspoon, which has a love-hate following to begin with and is generally dismissed by pub purists as a kind of Applebee’s of ale, hasn’t yet addressed the effect Diageo’s “too high” prices are having at its 899 other locations, and presumably is applying some kind of broad leverage to work out its supply-side kinks. In any event, it’s a good thing Irish Car Bombs are already incredibly offensive, because the Irish-cream-less situation and apparent stout-cott otherwise reduces the drink to some Jameson served neat in a pint glass.

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Dublin Pub Won’t Sell Guinness Because It Says It’s Too Expensive