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Watch Daniel Patterson in a Really Contemplative ‘Chef’s Night Out’ Episode

Feasting on caramelized anchovies with peanut butter and cooking for 26 people in 15 minutes doesn’t exactly seem like a night off, but that’s what chef Daniel Patterson does in the latest installment of the ongoing Vice series. Unlike Matt Orlando’s frenetic lamb eyeball-filled endeavor, the San Francisco-based Coi chef stays relatively calm in what may be the most brainy and conversation-fueled “Chef’s Night Out” episode yet, explaining how he’s kind of like a magician and that cooking is a “transfer of energy,” with caviar and black trumpet mushrooms functioning as mere tools. Patterson plates vegetables with tweezers and waxes on about seasonality, then drinks some gin and goes out to dinner with his wife at Corey Lee’s Benu, where they ponder whether a cooking event at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania is a good idea.

Watch Daniel Patterson in a Really Contemplative ‘Chef’s Night