Café Behind Cronut Knockoff Was ‘Thrilled’ to Get Cease and Desist From Dominique Ansel

The Creauxnut is no more.
The Creauxnut is no more. Photo: Sevendipity Cafe/Facebook

A Shreveport bakery named Sevendipity proudly introduced its take on Cronuts back in May. “I could be the first person in Louisiana to do cronuts at their peak,” chef and owner Scott Roebuck mused, talking up the laborious 12-hour pastry process. Sevendipity, in fact, changed their pastry’s name to “creaux-nut” sometime during the last two months, but that apparently still wasn’t enough to avoid infringing on Dominique Ansel’s registered trademark, and the shop says it got a cease-and-desist letter from the chef’s lawyers earlier this week.

“To think that the original creator of the cronut that is so popular cares what I’m doing in Shreveport baffles me,” said co-owner Lizz Bowen, who adds she was “thrilled” by the legal paperwork. “I couldn’t believe it.” The bakery is now accepting requests for the pastry’s new name, and the winner gets a free Cronut knockoff every day for a year. Contenders include “7Nut” and “Faix Deaux Do,” which really aren’t that catchy at all.

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Café Behind Cronut Knockoff Was ‘Thrilled’ to Get Cease and Desist