Choco Taco Cappuccinos Are Real, Possibly Spectacular

Good morning.
Good morning. Photo: Courtesy of Nectar Cappuccino Group

Oh, man: Over at Bedford + Bowery, our colleagues dropped an unbelievable photo of a convenience-store coffee machine that doles out Choco Taco-flavored coffee. At this early hour, while Grub is still sipping on our own morning coffee, the shot, from a store in Lake Placid, New York, strikes a particular chord — and it causes us to ask ourselves three very important questions:

1. What would a Choco Taco Cappuccino actually taste like? Choco Tacos just taste like chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream in a waffle-cone shell, so we’d guess “mocha.”

2. Why didn’t our friends at B+B actually order one? We can’t say for sure, but we actually don’t begrudge them for being fearful of such a creation at an early hour. 7 a.m. is no time for culinary shenanigans.

3. Are we about to enter a full-on Choco Taco renaissance? Maybe. Empellón’s Alex Stupak whipped some up a while back, after people asked for them on social media. B+B offered its particular photo after noticing that a vendor at the Hester Street Fair’s Ice Cream Social will offer a version of the treat. And people obviously love these things. Can a Smorgasburg stand be far behind?

Just as we were ready to write this off as a one-time-only missed opportunity, we came across this mention from CNN’s Kat Kinsman, who has apparently also seen these sweet babies in the wild. She, in turn, points the world to some (dated-looking) sales information for the machine in question. And now, even though it is six months away, Grub Street knows exactly what we will be asking for this Christmas.

The Choco Taco Cappuccino. It Exists. [Bedford + Bowery]

Choco Taco Cappuccinos Are Real, Possibly Spectacular