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Cadbury Unveils Facebook-Powered Chocolate Vending Machine

“Cadbury would like to access your friends’ wallets.” Photo: Cadbury Australia/Twitter

That feeling you get when a site wants your Facebook access and you think, What kind of weird crap is this going to post on my timeline? has now entered the vending-machine realm. Cadbury Australia’s “Flavour Matcher” asks you to you log in, crawls through your likes and interests — Upworthy, The Daily Show, cat yoga, whatever — then puts up a message like “We think you’re so Turkish Delight” as it finally spits out candy.

This “unique social experiment” roaming around Sydney and Melbourne this summer seems to be where everything’s headed; snack makers in particular have grown very fond of gimmicky “social vending.” But where others have built little tweet-aggregating robots or whatever, Cadbury gets your adrenaline pumping by leaving you wondering, Wait, did I log out of that vending machine?

Cadbury matches Facebook likes with chocolate [Food Magazine]

Cadbury Unveils Facebook-Powered Chocolate Vending Machine