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$1,000 Burger King ‘Proud Whopper’ eBay Listing Proves Some People Need a New Hobby

“You can not find or buy this historical memorabilia anywhere else.” Photo: eBay

In a week when a guy’s novelty Kickstarter campaign to make a bowl of potato salad netted an improbable $64,000 in a couple of days and triggered a wave of irrational exuberance for crowd-sourced baked beans and peanut butter sandwiches, it’s not really a surprise that someone has also put a hamburger wrapper up on eBay for $1,000. For one day only, Burger King rolled out special Whoppers for San Francisco Gay Pride 2014 that weren’t different at all, you may have heard, except for the wrapping paper, which confused lots of people as a PR ploy, so this listing is like adding an extra layer of obnoxiousness to something that was already deplorable. On the other hand, shipping is free and is expedited, so there’s that. [LGBT Nation, Daily Intelligencer, Related]

$1,000 Burger King ‘Proud Whopper’ eBay Listing Proves Some People