Shake Shack Fans Weigh In on David Chang’s Monumental Shrimp Stack Burger

That does look pretty delicious.
That does look pretty delicious. Photo: Priya Krishna/Twitter

Earlier today, Shake Shack’s limited-edition David Chang “Shrimp Stack” burger made some kind of history, attracting the longest line ever in the chain’s ten-year life span. With only 1,000 shrimp-patty-topped burgers in stock and a nearly mile-long queue that coiled around Madison Square Park and back again, the big question is: Was it at all worth the wait? This photo, taken by writer Priya Krishna, depicts the main event was all about, which looks pretty delicious. More on the “amazing,” “absolutely sublime,” and “worth it” hamburger, straight ahead, along with some ineluctably cranky dispatches from the line.

Amazing line. Amazing burger! @shakeshack @davidchang— Hoadley (@hoadley55) June 10, 2014

Excited for a taste of @davidchang’s @shakeshack burger! #DecadeofShack— The Monocle (@OttosMonocle) June 10, 2014

The absolutely sublime @momofuku Shrimp Stack by @davidchang cc @shakeshack #DecadeofShack #nextlevel— Ali Rana (@Alirana) June 10, 2014

@momofuku shrimp stack burger for @shakeshack kind of looks like a burger monster poised to strike— Priya Krishna (@PKgourmet) June 10, 2014

@grubstreet @davidchang @shakeshack It was worth the longest line ever! #shrimpstack is amazing! #decadeofshack— Gaggyl (@Gaggyl) June 10, 2014

The @off5pring Shrimp Stack by @davidchang! My favorite one so far! #decadeofshack #threetogo— Maarten Peschier (@MaartenFM) June 10, 2014

Just ate @DavidChang’s special @shakeshack burger. Now we get why ppl waited in a 400+person long line— HuffPost Taste (@HuffPostTaste) June 10, 2014

Just snackin’ on Dave Chang’s shake shack burger with shrimp terrine, momofuku hoisin sauce,cucumbers, onions— Martin Gelin (@M_Gelin) June 10, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta have a #burger. And what a burger it was! By the man himself #DavidChang,…— Jenel Stevens (@ProwessPT) June 10, 2014

Of course, waiting in long lines isn’t for everybody:

Look, I like Shake Shack as much as all of you, but this is insanity— Nisha Chittal (@NishaChittal) June 10, 2014

The line for Shake shack in Madison square park is around 1/4 mile long. I will never understand this— Sean Lear (@SeaNYlear) June 10, 2014

Do people not have work? RT @GrubStreet “Longest line in Shake Shack history” right now in Madison Square Park:— Chris C (@chrisjche) June 10, 2014

For context on the absolute pandemonium that went down earlier in Madison Square Park, just check out these dispatches:

This is going to test the limits of my patience for a special @shakeshack David Chang burger— Alvin (@discskyer) June 10, 2014

👎👎👎 I’ve had about 20 people cut in front of me since 10 AM- is there anyway you can employ a line moderator @shakeshack #DecadeofShack— Sean (@mybodystory) June 10, 2014

Open and serving up Momofuku Shrimp Stacks by @davidchang and the line’s to the fountain. You guys are awesome.— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) June 10, 2014

#ShakeShack line for @davidchang.— Ray Liu (@yuruiliu) June 10, 2014

@shakeshack wasn’t even open yet and the line was easily 1,000 people #DecadeofShack— Sean Griffin (@SeanPaulGriffin) June 10, 2014

At least we are entertained. #ShakeShack #DecadeofShack— Ray Liu (@yuruiliu) June 10, 2014

The @shakeshack employees just ran the line high fiving everyone thanking them for waiting, what a good crew #shackquest— Adam (@dr_teng) June 10, 2014

about 150 people in front of me. #DecadeofShack so close to tasting deliciousness.— Hu Trang (@jintrang) June 10, 2014

#ShakeShack line update: EPIC.— Brian Martin (@brianrmartin23) June 10, 2014

The culinary creators behind one delicious decade in NYC. @davidchang @dhmeyer @randygarutti @MarkRosati— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) June 10, 2014

Waiting in the most intense line of my life. 2 1/2 hours and still going… #davidchang #momofuku— Leizel Olegario (@LeizelOlegario) June 10, 2014

Finally, the madness at least seems to be winding down.

@gregzzy about 500 left but if you’re not in line now, there isn’t a high chance we’ll have any left. Sorry, friend!— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) June 10, 2014

Donezo! All out of @davidchang chef collab burgers, but @momomilkbar cookies aren’t too bad of a consolation prize— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) June 10, 2014

And in case you were wondering, Andrew Zimmern’s “AZ Cabrito Burger” is up tomorrow.

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Shake Shack Fans Weigh In on David Chang’s Monumental Shrimp Stack Burger