Trouble Brewing

Makers of Natural Light Move to Block Craft Brewer’s ‘Natty Greene’ Trademark

Natty nuisance.
Natty nuisance. Photo: Anheuser-Busch

Megabrewer Anheuser-Busch InBev makes Natural Light, which any cheapo beer lover will attest is better known as Natty Light, which is likely why the company long ago trademarked the moniker, along with “Fatty Natty” and “Natty Daddy.” (“Fatty Daddy Natty” is probably still up for grabs.) The company last week filed to block the 10-year-old North Carolina–based Natty Greene’s Brewing Co, which positions Revolutionary War figure Nathanael Greene as its craft-brewing muse, from trademarking its Natty Greene’s name. Anheuser-Busch argues that allowing both Natty names will lead to the “dilution of the distinctive quality” of their trademark, and give rise to confusion among consumers, apparently because they’re worried people won’t be able to tell the difference between a beer that costs $4 per pint and one that costs $4 per 36-pack. [News & Record]

Makers of Natural Light Move to Block Craft Brewer’s ‘Natty