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Report Suggests Grandmother Fabricated Claim That KFC Kicked Out 3-Year-Old Girl

Victoria Wilcher.
Victoria Wilcher. Photo: Go Fund Me

A source “with deep knowledge” of KFC’s ongoing investigation of an incident that allegedly took place at a Mississippi store says the chain has pored over surveillance footage but has failed to spot Victoria Wilcher, the 3-year-old girl who was allegedly asked to leave the restaurant with her grandmother because her scarred face was “disrupting customers.” In addition to prompting an investigation, news of the alleged incident inspired an outpouring of financial support from strangers, and even the fast-food chain donated $30,000 toward Wilcher’s medical bills. Now, however, two managers at KFC’s Jackson locations say they’ve weathered several death threats over the ousting, and a source says no such incident ever happened; the girl grandmother’s never purchased sweet tea and mashed potatoes with gravy at the restaurant, or any of its other local franchises.

The chain will release its findings next week and reiterates that Victoria will get her money regardless. In the meantime, a family member who is managing a Facebook page about Wilcher has written that she was mistaken about the location, which she says was incorrectly identified. “Please do not believe untrue media,” reads a Facebook post that addresses claims the whole incident was fabricated to raise funds for the girl, who was attacked by three of her grandfather’s ten pit bulls last month.

While KFC’s official comment is pending, Dick West, owner of the franchise where the incident allegedly occurred, is openly skeptical. “At this point their story is full of holes. Any thinking person who follows their timeline can see it,” he says.

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Report Suggests Grandmother Fabricated Claim That KFC Kicked Out 3-Year-Old Girl