Hundreds Turn Out for Andrew Zimmern’s Limited-Edition Shake Shack Goat Burger

The kid stays in the picture.
The kid stays in the picture. Photo: Mark Rosati/Instagram

Culinary director Mark Rosati put up this kind of great photo of Shake Shack’s “AZ Cabrito” burger, designed by Andrew Zimmern in commemoration of the chain’s tenth anniversary. Unlike the four other chef-concocted hamburgers on sale for one day only this week, the TV host and food truck operator’s patty is made from goat meat, a welcome change of pace from all that beef. (It’s also got slow-roasted tomato, charred onion, herb butter, and sweet pickles.) The park is a little less mobbed today compared with yesterday’s all-out Shrimp Stack madness, but a very significant number of people are in queue, and reactions from people who’ve gotten the goat range from “delicious” to “worth the wait.”

@Jaym4n @IAmRedSky @coralfanatic Shake shack line. #notwaiting— Ron Caruso (@CrazyRonIsHere) June 11, 2014

.@andrewzimmern in the house! Let’s get this goat burger madness started. #DecadeofShack— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) June 11, 2014

Today’s @shakeshack special: The goat burger by @andrewzimmern #decadeofshack #thestreakcontinues #2left— Maarten Peschier (@MaartenFM) June 11, 2014

Of course, the third consecutive day of very long lines snaking throughout Madison Square Park has also invoked the ire of several social media users, some of whom have posted messages that cannot be printed here. Over at our sister site The Science of Us, however, MIT-based long-line expert Richard Larson writes that the sight of lots and lots of people filing up hours in advance for a hamburger that costs $8.50 may seem weird and horrible, but it may be totally different for the line-waiters.

“People’s willingness to wait is in some sense proportional to the perceived value of the service they are waiting for,” he writes. “So the wait is not drudgery but a fun-filled life experience, most likely a life-memorable event. How many days in our lives have such events?”

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Hundreds Turn Out for Andrew Zimmern’s Limited-Edition Shake Shack Goat