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London Shop’s Overloaded ‘Pig Salad Burger’ Looks Terrifyingly Awesome

Sadly, it's still B.Y.O. pork rinds.
Sadly, it’s still B.Y.O. pork rinds. Photo: Psychic Burger

Hamburgers are big business in the U.K. right now, so it makes sense to see some fringe-burgers — those all-in, extreme-ingredient excursions like beef topped with fried beer with crushed pretzel breading — making appearances on menus. The “American-style” outfit Psychic Burger, which just set up residency at the Old Queen’s Head in Central London, is about to start serving this gargantuan thing it calls the Pig Salad Burger: That’s a hamburger made from black pudding, chorizo, and ground pork, but also some pork belly confited with sage, bacon rashers, butter lettuce, chorizo-fat-addled mayo, apple jelly, and Cheddar. It’s also got brawn crubeen, a kind of dense meat jelly made from slow-cooked trotters, and is served impaled on a crispy pig’s ear spiral, which helps hold everything in place on the brioche bun. Only 15 will be available per day when the burger goes on sale Wednesday at a cost of £12, or approximately $20, for two weeks only, possibly because the absolute fusion of pork contained therein threatens the space-time continuum, or something. [Hot Dinners]

London Shop’s Overloaded ‘Pig Salad Burger’ Looks Terrifyingly