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Matt Orlando’s Vice ‘Munchies’ Episode Covers Lamb Eyeballs and Haute Slim Jims

While dried lignonberries, roasted lamb’s head, whipped brains, “Nordic sour cream,” peated barley ice cream, kebabs, and lamb’s eyeballs stuffed with mushrooms sound like various courses that would appear on a tasting menu for ogres, they’re really things ingested by Amass chef and owner Matt Orlando with some chef buddies one night on the town in Copenhagen. (Several liters of small batch beer are also involved.) With Noma head chef Dan Giusti and Aamanns chef Magnus Pettersson along for the ride, Orlando’s “Munchies” is by far one the VICE series’ most entertaining episodes yet. “Do you guys have sperm on the menu now?” Giusti asks at the beginning, which really sort of sets the tone.

Chef’s Night Out with Matt Orlando

Matt Orlando’s Vice ‘Munchies’ Episode Covers Lamb