Cadbury Malaysia in Obvious Trouble for Pork-Tainted Chocolate

Two Cadbury products were recalled.
Two Cadbury products were recalled. Photo: Cadbury/Facebook

A division of multinational candy manufacturer Cadbury has recalled shipments of its Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Dairy Milk Roast Almond in Malaysia, a country where two thirds of the population is Muslim, after the Ministry of Health reported trace amounts of pig DNA in its chocolate. The governmental branch routinely detects teeny-tiny little bits of pig — potentially down to a trillionth of a gram — in a country where the other white meat is already very controversial.

While it’s unclear how pork got inside, and current speculation includes pork DNA on the outside of the packaging cross-contaminated the samples tested by the government. Regardless, by the time Cadbury took action on the allegedly tainted chocolates, the damage was mostly done: Malay groups have initiated a boycott, and one group has already filed a lawsuit against the company and Malay government. “We want to close down Cadbury if possible,” that group, Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, said in a statement. “They shoved pork in our mouths, and then apologise later. Cadbury has been in Malaysia for years. Why do they still not understand the sensitivities of the Muslim community?”

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Cadbury Malaysia in Obvious Trouble for Pork-Tainted Chocolate