Arby’s to Torture Minnesotans With 13-Hour TV Ad

Captivating stuff.
Captivating stuff. Photo: Arby’s

Arby’s, otherwise known as nobody’s favorite fast-food chain, makes a mean Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich topped with gouda and fried onion rings, and they want everyone to know about it. So tomorrow, My9 viewers will get treated to some televised brisket-smoking, with no commentary whatsoever, for the better part of a day. This is supposed to rectify the fact that “nobody knows” the meat on its sandwich — despite already being Arby’s all-time best seller — gets genuine Texas smokehouse treatment, admittedly a real feat for a chain whose recipe for cheese sauce stretches two dozen ingredients long.

Duluthians hoping for an afternoon of Family Guy reruns will instead have to find Dadaist beauty in what the ad’s artiste calls the “sizzle of the brisket.” And for all those who happen to live in Duluth and get My9 but already have plans for tomorrow, there’s an encore airing next Wednesday, online this time, at Of course it will inevitably end up on YouTube in its adrenaline-pumping entirety, next to all those riveting burning-fireplace videos.

Televising Sizzling Meat to Bump Up Sales of a Brisket Sandwich [NYT]

Arby’s to Torture Minnesotans With 13-Hour TV Ad