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What to Eat at Berg’n, the New Brooklyn Beer Hall Serving Tons of Amazing Food

How about a sandwich from Mighty Quinn's?
How about a sandwich from Mighty Quinn’s? Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Yesterday we told you about Berg’n, the Brooklyn Flea beer hall spin-off inside a 9,000-square-foot former garage that’s opening soon in Crown Heights. Now here’s everything on the vendors’ menus, from Pizza Moto’s grandma pies to Ramen Burger’s late-night Bonkotsu. (And please note: Prices, where listed, are tentative and subject to change before the opening.)

A grandma pie from Pizza Moto.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Whole Pies - 18” Round pie or square grandma pie, rotating selection available by the slice or whole
Margherita, $22: tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, Pecorino, olive oil
Pepperoni, $24: tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, Pecorino, Charlito’s pepperoni
Mushroom, $24: mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, fontina, roasted garlic, fresh herbs, olive oil
Truffle, $27: fontina, truffle Pecorino, fresh mozzarella, rosemary, truffle oil
Palermo, $26: tomato, charred onions, Gaeta olives, fennel salami, Pecorino, olive oil
Anchovy, $24: tomato, fresh mozzarella, anchovies, Pecorino, chili oil
“Pork Greene,” $26: tomato, fresh mozzarella, Berkshire pork sausage, roasted and pickled green chilies
Calzone, $19: with long-cooked greens, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, sauce on top (seasonal)
Tomato pie, $22: - tomato conserva, roasted and fresh tomatoes, garlic, Parmesano (seasonal)
Pizza Verde, $26: tomatillo salsa verde, fresh mozzarella, roasted jalapeño, Berkshire Sausage (seasonal)
Casino, $28: cream, clams, white wine, bacon, breadcrumbs, lemon, fresh herbs (seasonal)

$3 each: mushrooms, anchovies, Gaeta olives, roasted green chilies or jalapeños
$4 each: Berkshire pork meatball, Charlito’s Cucina pepperoni

Smoked Trout Caesar, $9: romaine, breadcrumbs, Parmesan, smoked trout dressing
Pie Shop Chopped Salad, $10: chirory, chickpeas, salami, Pecorino fresco, oregano, red wine vinegar, onion, olive oil
Fennel and Celery Salad, $9: shaved fennel, celery, Parmesan, honey, lemon, olive oil

Meatball Parm, $10: Berkshire pork meatballs, fresh mozzarella, tomato, Parmesan
Spicy Tuna Special, $11: oil-cured tuna, egg, greens, Gaeta olives, peperoncino
Seasonal Roasted Vegetables, $10: roasted vegetables, Agridolce, fresh mozzarella, walnut pesto $10

Bar Snacks, $4 each:
Balsamic-boiled red-skin peanuts with dried chilies; Boquerones on crostini with warm mozzarella; plate of seasonal pickles; smoked fish deviled eggs

Wings from Mighty Quinn’s.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Brisket: $8.85/serving, $22/lb.
Burnt ends: $8.85/serving, $22/lb.
Pulled pork: $7.75/serving, $19/lb.
Wings: $7.25/serving, $12.50/lb.
Spare ribs: $8.95/serving, $23/rack

Sides: $3 (small), $5.25 (medium), $11.25 (large)
Burnt-end baked beans; sweet-potato casserole with maple and pecans; pomme frites; slaw

Asia Dog’s fried-chicken sandwich.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Kimchi macaroni and cheese.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Hot dogs (beef, veggie, chicken, and organic)
The Mash: sweet and spicy ketchup, jalapeño mustard, and crushed chips
The Vinh: bánh mì–style hot dog
The Wang Ding: Chinese barbecue pork belly with cucumbers and scallions
The Ginny: housemade kimchi with nori flakes
The Luke: Thai basil pork and beef chili dog
The Mel and Steve: Red cabbage sesame slaw

Bulgogi: Korean BBQ burger
Turkey burger: ginger-scallion turkey burger

Corn Dogs
Kimchi pancake corn dog with gochujang dipping sauce
Katsu crunch corn dog with katsu dipping sauce

Fried-chicken sandwich topped with wasabi slaw and honey-miso mustard or pickled celery, carrot, homemade wing sauce, and blue cheese

Lobster Roll by Red Hook Lobster Pound

Mesclun greens with carrot, red onion, cucumber, tomato
Choice of sesame-tangerine dressing, spicy cilantro-lime, and yuzu vinaigrette.

Garlic-sesame kale
Wasabi potato salad
Fresh-cut fries
Mixed green salad
kimchi mac ‘n’ cheese

Fried banana spring roll (served on a stick)

Ramen!Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Main Menu
Original Ramen Burger: single, $8; double, $10
Handmade ramen buns, certified Angus beef patty, arugula, scallions, secret shoyu sauce

Shredded Beef Ramen Burger: $10
Handmade ramen buns, shredded chuck tender, arugula, tomato, secret mayo sauce.

Veggie Ramen Burger: $10
Handmade ramen buns, tofu patty, Hijiki, spices, mixed greens, scallions, secret shoyu sauce

Breakfast Ramen Burger: $7

Handmade ramen buns, choice of {Bacon, Sausage, or Spam}, Egg, Cheese

Cheese, $1
Egg, $1
Extra sauce, $1
Bacon, $2

Ramen (Late Night)
Bonkotsu ramen: $12
Beef-infused Tonkotsu ramen, beef chashu, kikurage (wood-ear mushroom), scallions, nori

Ajitama egg, $2
Shredded beef, $3

Ramen fries: $5
Ramen noodles deep-fried in a special karaage batter

Chicken Karaage: $5
Japanese fried chicken

Ramen salad: $5
Harusame glass noodles, mixed greens, ponzu dressing

JA Fries: $4
Fries seasoned with miso powder and sprinkled with nori

Ramen Churro: $4

What to Eat at Berg’n, the New Brooklyn Beer Hall Serving Tons of Amazing