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Watch a Ridiculous Commercial for Mister Donut’s Cronut Knockoffs

As “Crumbnuts” prepare to invade BJ’s Wholesale Club shelves in the U.S., Osaka-based chain Mister Donut, which has more than 1,250 stores throughout Japan, has apparently finally figured out how to mass-produce their own version of Dominique Ansel’s Cronut. Eataku notes that three flavors — including maple and “angel” whipped cream — are being sold through June 1, a longer offer period than the one Dunkin’ Donuts Korea gave to its limited-edition “New York Pie Doughnuts” last year. This seems to be something of a sign that large chains will soon make fake Cronuts a permanent menu item.

It starts, as all commercials for knockoff pastries should, really, with a burst of saxophone and a (very New York) fashion model in a red dress, wind-machine wind rippling through her hair. “The newest craze from New York!” says an onscreen message.

Those Croissant-Doughnut fans are saying, “Crisp!” and “Crunchy!” and “Sticky!” One says, “Anyway, it’s the texture,” while another adds, “Really original,” and the announcer caps it all off with a really enthusiastic “From New York to Mister Donuts!”

Mr. Croissant Doughnut hits Japan
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Watch a Ridiculous Commercial for Mister Donut’s Cronut Knockoffs