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New York Now Has Glow-Stick Club Parties for 12-Year-Olds

But they're playing his favorite song.
But they’re playing his favorite song. Photo: iStockphoto

It’s the next logical step after baby DJ school, which actually happened in Brooklyn: CNNMoney reports that an enterprising outfit called Fuzipop is trying hard to make daytime dance parties for the under-12 set happen at exclusive New York nightclubs. Fake tattoos, “What Does the Fox Say” glow-stick raves, VIP tables with Champagne glasses and juice boxes, 9-year-old DJ Kai — surely this is actually just the first sign of the grand return of Bill Hader’s Stefon?

Hardly. Every month for almost a year now, apparently, a husband-and-wife duo (who have a club background, naturally) has been putting on these bizarro “off-hours” events at venues like Pink Elephant. As many as 200 kids will show up, then get sweaty raging to “Wrecking Ball,” while their parents get tipsy at the fully stocked bar. Yeah, this is vicarious living at its saddest—parents pay a $20 kid-parent cover charge, or $60 for the family of four—but it’s probably pretty fun for the kids, all things considered. Maybe it’ll even inspire a decent memoir ten years down the line.

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New York Now Has Glow-Stick Club Parties for 12-Year-Olds