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The Grand Prize in KFC’s Double Down Contest Is Only $500

Talk about chicken little.
Talk about chicken little. Photo: Michael Saechang/Wikimedia

In honor of today’s vaguely Paleo-approved mash-up rerelease, Kentucky Fried Chicken has done precisely as feared and accompanied the roll-out with something called the Double Down Dare. Essentially, Twitter and Instagram users can expect an onslaught of photo and Vine-jackassery involving the fried chicken menu item all week.

Challenge 1 is centered on the “most creative” Double Down selfie, hashtagged #SelfieDare. Challenge 2 is the best Double Down dance move, but you didn’t hear that from us, because it’s officially “locked” until 2 p.m. tomorrow. Each round, three winners get a whole $100. The lucky “super fan” who dominates everyone else, however, will receive $500 and a party for 50 friends at the local KFC, where kcals will be poppin’, for sure. Other exceptional entries may merit “Bread is dead” T-shirts, so there’s that.

Double Down Dare official contest [KFC]
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The Grand Prize in KFC’s Double Down Contest Is Only $500