Bad Behavior

‘Profane’ Customer Launches Ketchup-Throwing ‘Rampage’ at NYC Diner

Use only as directed.
Use only as directed. Photo: Heinz

The owner of the 24-hour Malibu Diner says 22 year-old customer Latima Brown was having a loud, profanity-laden phone call last week around 5 a.m. “We’re used to loud, but the cursing was very heavy,” says the owner. When a manager asked Brown to leave, she simply was not having it. From the security footage, you can watch her spit in his face, throw water on him, try to weaponize a glass sugar-packet holder, and hurl bottles of Heinz. The scene inflicted $1,200 in damages. This is probably why fast-food restaurants only offer their ketchup in those little packets. [DNAinfo]

‘Profane’ Customer Launches Ketchup-Throwing ‘Rampage’